Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award empowers young people, ages 14 to 24, to give back to their communities, explore their interests and passions, commit to their health and wellness, and gain an appreciation for the natural environment. Duke of Ed is about individualchallenge and developing a sense of commitment. With guidance from Award Leaders and assessors, young Canadians are given a supportive, non-competitive youth development platform that deepens self-awareness, builds confidence, and broadens skills and experience to further their growth as active, responsible citizens.

For More information please speak to CI Martin, Maj Marsh, Maj Fyfe or visit

When Signing up for the program make sure you use RCACS 180 as your group and use Maj Marsh or CI Martin as your Duke of Ed accessor.


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Participant Resource Portal:



For Bronze here are some examples of what you can do, all are activities you do in cadets:



You can select one of our band instruments such as playing a soprano bugle

Select a goal -  such as "to be able to improve my playing ability and solo at Annual Inspection"

As each weeks practice is 4 hrs you can use 1 hre of that week to do your log after each practice - saying some of the following:

"Practiced playing techniques - Scales, lip slurs, buzzing to help imporve my playing ability"

"volunteered to play a solo and work on the music"

"played with the band working on annual insepction music"

"worked on marching and playing my solo with the rest of the band"



Remember there are 3 parts to this section - Prep, Practice, Full Journey

Prep can be a Friday night Survival class where you learn survival or the Fall FTX or Spring FTX weekends

Practice Journey can also be the Fall or Spring FTX

Journey can be one of the Squadrons Duke of Ed Journey's

Remember to add pictures if you can and write about all that you learned adn experiences



Pick a sport or activity as your goal and stat how you would like to "Imporve physically to complete in the 180 Competition in the sport of volleyball"

Each sports night can be logged in as a fitness session as it is a 2.5 hr fitness session and you only require 1 hr a week - logging in things such as:

"warmed up with unit, learned the rules for volleyball and played volleyball working on my skills"

"warmed up with unit and worked on my volleyball skills"

"worked on cardio after warm ups then played basketball to assist in my cardio" 


Community Service

Each week the unit participates in community event that event can give you 1 hr such as:

Fall Tag Days

Spring Tag Days

Red Nose Selling for the Toronto Santa Parade

Poppy Selling

any of the Community Santa parades 


When doing your log try not to use Maj Marsh as your assessor as he needs to approve your assessor's assessment