Training - About 180's Training Department


Training Staff

Training Officer: OCdt Percy-Robb, Lt Florexile

Assistant Training Officer: CI Levy, CD

Training NCO: WOII Yao.

Instructors & Subject Matter Experts (SME)

For a list of instructors and subject matter experts, please see 180's SME Roster.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

The Training SOP outlines deadlines, training schedule administration, SME policy, Lesson Plans, Absenteeism, Evaluation Procedure, and Etiquette. The Training SOP is subject to change without notice and must be reviewed periodically by all instructors.


Level Officers

If you are an instructor and have an issue preparing for your lesson, contact your level officer.

Recruits & Level 1: CI Percy-Robb (

Level 2: OCdt Samayoa (

Level 3: CI Froats (

Level 4: CI Clarke-Eldridge (

Level 5: Lt Florexile ()

Fast Track Program: CI Levy (

Training Plan

The Master Training Plan is administered by the above noted Training Staff.


A variety of lesson plan templates are available for use by instructors and for IT mutuals.

SUBMIT Lesson Plan

Additional Instructor Resources

Miscellaneous instructor resources are available such as:

  • DND Manuals
  • Dress Regulations
  • Legacy Level Handbooks
  • PDF Training Aids

Evaluation Rubric

The standard evaluation rubric can be reviewed prior to being evaluated.

Staff use: Submit an instructor evaluation