Donate to 180 Club

Donate to 180 Club

The 180CLUB is a membership group run by the North Toronto Sponsoring Committee which is open to any adult for an annual contribution of $180. Members comprise of parents, alumni, and friends of 180. 100% of the funds raised from the 180CLUB go directly back to the 180 Cadets. Running a Cadet organization properly is extremely expensive, annual rent alone for Glenview Public School is over $27,000! On top of rent, 180 Squadron has many other financial commitments, it takes close to $100,000 annually to run our award winning organization.


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The staff and sponsors are proud of our ever evolving program and the 180CLUB was formed to help offset some of these costs. We continually improve our program and it takes not only commitment of time but of course money to implement these improvements. We ask you for your support. If you have been positively affected by 180 Squadron isn’t it time to show your appreciation!! JOIN TODAY!! Membership is simple. Click on the ‘Pay Now’ button and donate!

Due to the rise in cost of fee's any parents who have 1 cadet in the unit will recieve a $100 Charitable Reciept. 

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Cadet Family Members

Elevative Media                   Alagukumaran Alagarsamy                 Ramona Buliga                    Robin Richardson                    Rong Chen                    Tonya Hamilton           Sherry Yanos             Geoffrey Caines             Hyojeong Lee                          Marjorie Dixon               Rudhi Vasa
Avital Kellerstein                    Jenifer Lo                    Scott Reekie                Renato Santiago                 


Miia Routsalainen                    Edward Bagley                    Capt Ken Conway                    Kenneth Moody                    Shawn Walsh              Steve Moody
Julliet Manapaul           Terry Hawtin                    Al Fyfe                    Daniel King                  Maj Mike Marsh                    Rob Seyffert                    Eddie Li
Dugald Campbell                    Sarah Edmonds                    Jack Gao                    Daniel Pearce                    Ken Lehman                   Rob Zeidler
Maureen Williamson          Oleksandr Storcheus         Noel Luneau