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180 Squadron Virtual Training is Here

We are currently doing Virtual Training due to the Covid Pandemic

Please email for more details

Current Optional Actities include

Flying Ground School                             Survival Training                                Rifle Range                           Leadership                              Band

Citizenship                                              Effective Speaking                              Debate                                  Orienteering                           Space Class

Fitness                                                      Drill Team                                          Rifle Drill Team                     Duke of Ed Award                  Radio


Optional Training will be on the following days of the Week:

Fridays - Manditory Cadet Training - to attend optional training you must attend Friday Evenings as well

Saturdays - Drill Team and Band

Sunday - Range, Effective Speaking, Rifle Drill Team

Monday - Fitness

Tuesday - Flying Ground School

Wednesdays - Space and Debate

Thursday - Radio





Our next Recruit intake will be

on Friday 10 September 2021, 7pm at 3077 Bathurst St (back of building, north east corner of Bathurst and Lawrence)

We will also have intakes in November, January and March

We ask that you Send us an email so we can keep in contact incase there are changes  due to
the Covid Pandemic.

Email us at or


Joining Forms Click Here 

Uniforms are provided

Fee - is $100 for the year - which helps pay for cadet insurance

All cadet must sell 3 Air Cadet Lottery Tickets which raises money for the Gliding Program

And all cadets must participate in Fundraising Activities 



Virtual Summer Camp


Any cadet wanting to apply for Virtual Summer Camp is to email the name of the camp and dates of the camp to


More information on Virtual Summer Camps can be found in the Summer Camp Tab.

Cadets will be required to create a CADETS360 account in order to attend. Further as it is through microsoft, Apple Computers may not work. If you have a technology issue please advise Maj Marsh/OCdt Eldridge


There are still plans for in-person CAP (Day Camp) Training for level 1 and 2 cadets during the summer provided restrictions are lifted

More Information to come on any in-person training if it is permitted



Training Locations



3077 Bathurst St - North West Corner of Bathurst and Lawrence. Entrance is the stairway in the rear of the builidng basement level



401 Rosewell Ave - Glenview Public School


6 Spring Garden - Spring Garden Legion