Music180 Sqn participates greatly in the Air Cadet music program by having a competing band and sending cadets to music summer training courses. Cadets have the opportunity to be introduced and immersed into military-style marching bands, and to perform and compete.

Drum and Bugle Band
180 Sqn is unique in having one of the few "Drum and Bugle" style marching bands, as opposed to the more common "brass and reed" or "pipe and drum" bands. Cadets play three-valved bugles and marching drums to perform drum-corps style routines at competitions, and act as a service band for 180 Sqn during parades.
The band accepts cadets of all musical levels in the early part of the training year, and trains them weekly in preparation for the band competitions. Cadets normally practice on Saturdays and sometimes on extra days as necessary.
The band competes in a Toronto-area competition and, if successful, in a provincial cadet competition.
  • Trumpet (Soprano)
  • Mellophone
  • Baritone
  • Contrabass
  • Snare Drum
  • Bass Drum
  • Quint Drums
  • Cymbals
  • Bells
Summer Courses
  • Basic Musician Course (BMC) - 3 Weeks
  • Intermediate Musician Course (IMC) - 6 Weeks
  • Advanced Musician Course (AMC) - 6 Weeks




Brass Information

Introduction to the Instruments


The Soprano Info - All About the Trumpet: A "Sop-umentary" 


Mellophone Info - All About the Mellophone: A "Mello-mentary" 


Baritone Info - All About the Baritone: A "Bari-mentary"


Contra Info - All About the Contra: A Contra-mentary


Percussion -(copy and paste in browser) "Chicken and a Roll" - Section Demonstration / Marching Percussion 101


How to Hold a Soprane (Trumpet)


How to Hold a Baritone or Mellophone


How to Play Instructions

Cadets should try to focus on these Exercises as much as they can while learning to play.

For scales it can be any scale you can play and if you are not able to play a scale fully perfect the notes you can reach and the others will come.

Percusion and Brass Exercises

Fingering Chart - All Brass Use The Same Fingering Chart (Soprano, Mellophone, Baritone, Contra)

Scales - B Flat, C, F, G


Rudiments For all percussion including bells


RCSU - Music Level Testing and Workbooks

Copy and paste this link for Regional Cadet Support Unit Music Level Testing and workbooks


Bugle Drill and Manual



7th Artilery Playing Instructions - (you may need to copy and paste in browser)

How to play scales -

Buzzing -

Posture -

Mallets -

Trumpet Range -

Hearing Low notes -

Snare Drum Grip -


How to Play Brass  - Beginning Lesson On Making A Tone - Notes and Beginning Technique - Learning With A Mirror Plus Easy Songs - Tonguing Beginning Lesson - Warm Up Lesson


Using The BERP - Practicing with a BERP !


Percussion -  How To Hold Drumsticks | Matched & Traditional Grip for Snare Drum Ep. 1 - Traditional Grip Tutorial for Snare Drum | How To Hold Drumsticks Ep. 2 - Drum Stroke Technique | Rebound & Down Strokes | Drumline Fundamentals Ep. 3 - How To Play Marching Snare Drum | Drumline Fundamentals | Swiss Cheese & Beats Ep. 4 - How to Play a Drum Roll | Double Stroke Roll | Swiss Cheese & Beats Ep. 5

A Section:

Time: 1:30 - 

Time: 2:15 - 


B Section:

Time 2:50 - 

Time 3:12 - 


Time 3:30 - AB played example


Galop 7:18 - 



Galop 8:08 - full example


DRUM EXERCISES - Marching Snare Drum Fundamental Strokes | Swiss Cheese & Beats Ep. 6 - 16th Note 3 Note Timing | Swiss Cheese & Beats Ep. 7 - 16th Note Grid | How To Play 16th Note Accent Ep. 8


Marching Tenors - Basic Movement - Around Patterns - Building Fast Singles - Crossovers - Sweeps and Scrapes - Cool Stuff You Should Know - Beyond the Basics


Marching Instruction - Box Drills - Brass Marching Block - Box Drills - Stretch & Body warmup for Marching Band


180 Mosquito Squadron Band Videos - 180 Mosquito Squadron- Annual Review: Band Routine 2019 - 180 Mosquito Squadron Drum and Bugle Band - 180 Invitational Competition 2019 - 180 Mosquito Drum and Bugle band - 180 Invitational Competition 2018 - 180 Mosquito Squadron Band. 75th Annual Review 2017 - 180 Mosquito Squadron Band Competition 2017 - 180 Mosquito Squadron Phase I Competition (2015) - Band Compulsory - 180 Mosquito Squadron Phase I Competition (2014) - Band Compulsory - 180 Band 2013 - Supplementary Routine - 180 Mosquito sqn Freestyle pt. 1 Provincials 2012 - 180 Mosquito sqn Freestyle pt. 2 Provincials 2012 - 180 Band 2011 Supplementary - 180 Band 2011 Compulsory