Join 180 Squadron



Next Intake is September 2023


Please email us so we can keep you on file and contact you before we start in September or


Please fill out joining forms and bring them to us or scan and email


for Joining Forms CLICK HERE



For Youth 12 - 18 yrs of age


Contact us at or if you have any questions




More Info on Joining:

The uniform is provided free of charge however we ask that you return it when you depart the program


Fee's - There is a yearly fee of $130 to participate


Locations - Glenview Public School 401 Rosewell Ave, Denison Armouries, 130 Industry St

(see below for more information on locations)


Fundraising - All cadet must participate in Fundraising Events (see below for more details)


Optional Activities - Friday evenings are Regular cadet training nights. in order to participate in Optional Training you will need to attend Friday Evenings




Optional Training

Main Parade Nights - Friday Evenings 630 - 9pm at Glenview Public School

Band - Saturdays 1pm - 430pm at Glenview Public School

Drill Team - Saturdays 9am - noon at Glenview Public School

Biathlon - Sundays 9am to noon Thursdays 630-930pm in October and November - 3077

Rifle Drill Team - Sundays 5pm - 8pm at Denison Armoury

Radio - Sunday 1pm - 3pm at 3077 Bathurst St

Ground School - Sundays 730pm - 930pm via Zoom

Sports Nights - Mondays 630pm - 830pm at Glenview Public School

Space Team - Tuesdays 7pm - 9pm 3077 Bathurst or virtual

Effective Speaking and Debate - Wednesdays 7pm - 9pm Virtual or 3077 Bathurst In person

Range - Thursday 7pm - 9pm Virtual or 3077 Bathurst in person - Limited space sign ups required

Coding - Thursdays 7pm - 9pm Virtual

Other Optional Activities include - Duke of Ed Award Program




Training Locations


Glenview Public School

401 Rosewell Ave

(Lawrence Ave and Avenue Rd)



Squadron Headquarters

130 Industry St Unit 22

(Black Creek between Lawrence Ave W and Eglinton Ave W)